WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Rose Counterpoint

'Rose Counterpoint' Image courtesy of witshadows.wordpress.com

In the heavy dirt roots a sturdy, brown stalk covered in black blades, like armor ready for war. As One traces their eyes up the stem, vile brown turns vert, and thorns become hidden behind broad leaves. Further up, the sinister spikes soften to an almost crystal cream in color, as if transformed into jewels draping a delicate wrist. At the top of this foliage fortress, the most alluring and exquisite bloom flirts on a breeze. Soft, silken petals adorn a sharp sheathed vine–a perfect counterpoint to crown the wiry warrior below.

There is much to say about all things having an opposite.

A yin to a yang, sun to the moon, and so on. Like the contrast within a rosebush, there is contrast in life. To appreciate the true nature of all things we must ponder polarities. To revel in victory, One must endure defeat. To be feel bliss from the warmth of a blaze, One must have felt frigid before meeting the fire. If One can appreciate contrast in life for what it is can show, then One can learn from all conditions.


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