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Relationship Progress

‘Relationship Progress’ photo by Bernadette Ignacio

When there is progress, there is peace of mind.

To bring harmony to One’s thoughts and actions, there must be a progressive track on which One can lead themselves. Thus, it is important to build a relationship with the concept of progress in One’s own efforts. 

Understanding how to move forward is half the source of meeting a goal. Surprisingly, most do not give this step thorough attention. Contemplation on the guidelines of a goal will help One better measure how far they’ve come, and how much more to mount, before reaching the desired result.

A tangible measure of how much One has progressed can bring a great deal of joy and satisfaction. Conversely, the expectations of One’s progress–if unrealistic, and failure to meet anticipatory objectives–are a self-made trap for discouragement and despair. It is a thin line to walk, but with a steady pace and clear direction, One must only follow what is true to their spirit to succeed.

Form a strong, unwavering relationship with your One guiding spirit, and progress in all endeavors will be sure to follow.

© 2012 Bernadette Ignacio

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Comments on: "Relationship Progress" (1)

  1. AmericanSeeker said:

    Serve the divine by doing the right things. Detach yourself from the results, they are insignificant compared to the work. Dare to have dreams. Dare to pursue them – but don’t dare to believe the value of dreams is in the achieving of them – it is in the having and pursuing of them.

    Been waiting for the right place to post this. Yes – progress is necessary. Without a sense of it, one feels lost. But more important than the final destination are each of the steps along the way. We may walk a straight line while the path beneath us twists and turns. We may have unexpected currents change our course – but this is no reason to not have a plan, or to not measure success by our progress along that planned route.

    Just don’t be too harsh to judge success by one’s current position or arrival at an unplanned destination. It’s the journey that counts. 🙂

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