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Style Devotion

Photos courtesy of Wildsound Events

It’s important to have a very distinct style. Over time people develop character of their own, and the more organically one lets their character reveal itself, the more the external world responds to it.

People and energies gravitate and appreciate those who can truly reflect their inner self. No matter how outlandish, unconventional, subtle or subdued–devote yourself to your natural style, for it is the way you are made. Resisting would be like the ocean fighting the flow of currents, or sand defying desert winds. The world as we know it, would not be right.

What ever style may come, as long as it’s a direct expression of pure heart and mind–embrace it, for the One and all will laud your loyalty to just be.


Comments on: "Style Devotion" (2)

  1. AmericanSeeker said:

    It causes actual pain to try and be someone other then who you are. Most of what we think of ourselves becomes dependent on what we think others think of us. Get rid of caring what others think, and you stop worrying about it and applying it to yourself. Then you can focus on what YOU think of you. You start pursuing those things which are meaningful to you, take actions you are internally proud of – and by not worrying what others think you you become such a person that there isn’t anything to worry about anymore, because everyone loves you. Everyone that matters, anyway.

  2. Thank you JB for contributing beautifully to this post. Your words are soothing my soul as I could use some kind, loving, genuine sentiment today. I hope that you and your loved ones are well. I hope that your authentic loving light is able to shine amongst your most blessed company, and with breath you feel the divine filling you with love. Will all my love, Namasté…


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