WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Silence Challenge

'Silence Challenge' photo by Bernadette Ignacio

Silence has solace to offer. Confessions heard by no other ear are the most sincere. Living in an age where constant stimuli bombards our senses, it is a challenge to appreciate what substance there is to be found in quietude. But, when revered, silence offers the same sort of blessed energy as the warm summer sun.

Even when immersed in a tranquility, a bigger challenge still, is to calm the clang and clatter of our own minds. Instead of trying to hear through the noise pollution–inside and out—truly listen, and your own inner path to complacent peace will clear the clamor.

Challenge yourself. Listen only to the genuine voice of the most sensitive part of your soul by being silent, still. Carefully and gently hear with your heart–and you will be lulled by the soft, sweet beats of music made by The One.

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