WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Impermanent Conundrum

'Impermanence' image courtesy of Fash

Conundrums give people character. It’s the challenges we face that allow opportunities to break out our mental, physical, and spiritual tool boxes and get to work. The bigger and messier the job, the better test for the quality of our personal tools. Though the process of making improvements may be tough, it helps to recognize and acknowledge our impermanence.

All in life is constantly changing, evolving, growing, dying, rising, falling, inhaling, exhaling. With this understanding, we can accept and trust that states of cloudy conundrum will clear–just as blue sky bans a passing storm. Oppositely, even the best memory of the most perfect day seems to evaporate with time.

Stay calm through a conundrum, and the impermanence of life will carry you through.


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