WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Night Love

Night Love Angel image courtesy of Sepidehgraphic

When the sun sets down to rest, she awakes on the horizon opposite of west, and the blackness of her night blankets the world. She wraps her rich, dark cloak around that which we know of day, and transforms all into an irresistible mystery. Upon the eve, we are forced to fall in love again with things once familiar, but in obscure, foreboding forms.

We have to reach our hands out before us, and trust not what we see–for the moon goddess will test us, playing with shadows and our own fears– but rather trust what we feel.

Tremors of trepidation will caution us to use the opposite instincts, but to live and laugh in the night requires more trust, more intuition. Let the moon shine fully upon your face, casting away what shadowy doubts you may have in your head and heart, and she will reward your trust with a late night love that strikes a good feeling deeper than the darkest hour.


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