WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

My deepest and most sincere apologies dear reader for not sharing Words of The One as of late. Life has brought upon me challenges that have hindered the daily flow from me to you.

But, only when we persist through the struggle can we test our strongest links. In such tribulation, it helps to remember timeless Words of the Buddhist Monks,

“No mud, no lotus”

…right? So, with the mirror wiped clean we can see each other again.

I also wanted to give your One soul an infinite thank you for reading. Even if you only glance Once, it’s One time we’ve glanced into the space that is ‘the place in ourselves in which the whole universe resides. And, when you are in that space and I am in that space, we are One.’ Please continue to read, share, learn, laugh, and love with me.

With the whole of my being I thank you again ~ Namasté


Lotus Flower photograph by Bahman Farzad


Comments on: "A Personal Note from The One*" (2)

  1. A lovely reminder which will take me through my day knowing our souls are sharing the same space.


  2. the∙one said:

    Your kind words are appreciated more than I can ever express Linda, but I’ll try by keeping the posts fresh and dedicated to you and our oneness.

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