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Ending Mystery

'Do more of This' Photo taken at Washington University- Kansas City, Missouri

There are, and forever will be, mysteries that will go unexplained. Though that may be a troubling certainty, we can take great comfort in the opportunity to solve mysteries to which we can find an end. Such are small, yet miraculous mysteries waiting to be  deciphered day by day.

At any moment we can encounter the keys of locked treasures we will curiously stumble upon. Let us recognize those treasures as given gifts, buried purposefully deep within ourselves to discover boundless joy, happiness, and enlightenment. But to enjoy these things, we must confront the possibility of an end we did not expect–or, finding yet another mystery wrapped in the layers of our lives.

Let us be brave enough to solve the mysteries of our own fate. For we can follow signs in the language spoken only by spirits, and gather clues from what is written in the stars. With faith that all ends are, in actuality, a start to some new beginning, we can cease a doubtful, fruitless  ponder of what could be. And, set free the fears of our own great mystery.


Comments on: "Ending Mystery" (2)

  1. scooter17 said:

    Wanted to encourage you to keep up with the blog. I know sometimes it seems you are too busy sometimes, but us faithful readers are hungary for more znd can’t start our day without. ;).
    P.s. it said the photo was taken in St. Louis but its actually kc, mo…love it nevertheless

    • the∙one said:

      The well of gratitude for souls like you will forever spring happiness in my heart Scooter. I’ll continue to share, it’s what we’re all here to do. B*

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