WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

To succeed, we are taught to “Look out for number one” and, “Be the man to beat.” These messages trick our minds into constant competition with one another, allowing group work to categorize as a weak following. They feed our greedy ego just the type of message it needs in order to thrive. We are warranted to wallow in our self praise for being the best by beating the rest. But at the top, one stands alone, supported by the backs those they stomped.

A bitter-sweet status.

This splintering separation only becomes a reality from the collective belief of those who participate. Our modern-day mindset of hyper individuality fails to commend the advantage of working for not just one, but for the whole. If we can realize the true power of a peaceful, rather than contemptuous collective–we can then begin to form a reality of not cut throat competition, but cooperation. We can stop beating each other, and start benefiting each other.

Let us ween away from being bitter by competition, and lean towards the sweet collective.


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