WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Peace Water

Our human bodies are composed of approximately 70% water. The majority of our make up is of the same natural force that carves grand canyons, swallows islands whole and storms upon the sands of lands across the world. The pure nature of water is to relentlessly move, and from this–great mysterious things happen. Water is so effortless in its being that even in the opposite state of being kept still–the serene beauty of a small pond, or refreshing quality of a clear placid pool–beacons us just by its very existence.

We should flow and be free with our watery nature. For when we connect with its movement, we are happier humans. We allow a connection to the very substance of why all living beings on Earth exist. Be dynamic as an ocean wave, persistent as a river, and unpredictable as a light shower. But, bring balance by settling like a lake. Seep slowly through the cracks in the blocks of life.

Make peace with your watery nature, and you will discover whatever energy needed to quench your thirst for life.


Comments on: "Peace Water" (2)

  1. You speak poetry in motion of my heart’s song.
    May blessings abound about you, along the path you follow.

    • the∙one said:

      Infinite thanks Christopher. Your kind words warm the waves of gratitude within. Namasté.

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