WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Whole Manifistation

What are the qualities that make someone whole?

A whole person is centered, but not selfish, offers advice, but does not judge, and not only hears, but truly listens. A whole person helps without being asked, shares without hesitation, yields with consideration. A whole person is spiritual, but not stringent, is funny, but not foolish, is strong, but does not strain. She is trusting, but not gullible, accepting but not apathetic, appreciates beauty, but is not shallow. He is patient, but not a push over, is confident, not conceited, is aware, though not oversensitive. A whole person can love without being in love, is detached, but not discriminating, is wise, but does not ever condescend.

Manifesting a good life is nothing more than choosing the better halves to make a whole.


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