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Learning Discipline

Have you ever noticed times when days seem to drag? We all know these days, these are the days we are not truly learning. The proactive process of learning is absorbing. Time melts away. After a deep session, one doesn’t feel exhausted, but rather refreshed. This is because learning is a fountain of youth.

However, to truly enter these phases where one flows freely through the fountain of time and space, one must first undergo the discipline of obtaining skill and full understanding. Wether in art, music, problem solving, or meditation, all require patience and steady self cultivation of some sort. To truly gain through our learning, development in discipline is essential to breaking free from the old habits which bind us to the mundane and familiar past.

Learning will set you free, though one must rigor through the first steps of discipline before they can fly.


Comments on: "Learning Discipline" (2)

  1. right as i was starting to feel the day drag i read your post and made me feel oh so refreshed, made me think what to not make the day drag, xx

    • the∙one said:

      …said like a true student of life. Thanks Ashley, glad that little read put a pep in your step away from the drag.

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