WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Love Wisdom

"Aachen Laughing Couple with a mirror" Artist: Hans von Aachen

Wisdom and love come with the blending of knowledge and experience. Knowledge without experience is merely a culmination of facts. Experience without knowledge is but a passing encounter. Either without love, is but shallow.

There is a common ideology of what love relationships are meant to be like, particularly romantic love. It’s believed that a good lover does things for their partner to please and satisfy them. They become attached and hypnotized by the exchange of amorous emotion and sexual gratification. However, the motivations behind such behavior is not purely for the happiness of their partner, but rather for themselves.

For many, affectionate actions come with the condition that, should they do these things, they can expect the same feeling of adoration and satisfaction in return. Herein lies the sticky trap. For as soon as expectations of happiness are embedded in someOne else, happiness itself becomes as elusive and obtainable as a passing breeze.

The realization that a romantic relationship is but a mirror to reflect what One knows and has learned about themselves is a sign of an opened, experienced heart.

A wise One would ask, “Without this mirror, can I still see myself?”


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