WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Prowess Wisdom

There are many types of prowess. Stature, strength, practiced skill, and natural ability are some examples. Though one can revel in their victories and rights to boast, one should remember what is the real source of their glory. Without a doubt, time will whether these intense feelings of worldly power and pleasure.

Our abilities can only be truly appreciated when we are wise enough to understand that our puerile prowess is  borrowed. The world’s greatest athletes, musicians, artists, writers, doctors, lovers and others will tell you, “It’s as if I was possessed, and I just let something flow through me.” That something, is The One. It is the one great source where all that is amazing comes, and all that dazzles will die and be reborn for another.

Let us be thankful for these gifts, for the number of our age will surely exceed the number of our shiny medals. By meditating on such experiences can we then cultivate infinite wisdom to share with the better, faster, stronger than ourselves in the old ripe days that will come.


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