WelcOme tO weekly wisdOm with fresh intentiOn

Generosity Dipper

In our society, it’s perceived that it is of great cost to give anything away. We hoard our hearts and  beliefs as if others are out there to take all we have worked so hard to keep and understand.We clutch our good qualities like coveted coins.

Yet, when we see simple acts of generosity, like the ladling of soup to the poor, it’s easy to instantly  feel our own tendencies of also wanting to give. All of us would be better off if we learned how to dip from that pool of generosity more often than not. To give your very best efforts and energy to others is not to empty yourself of all that you consider essential and important–leaving you dry and weak. It is rather the making of space for a more powerful, more abundant, nourishing substance. So that over time, the bowl of your soul will feel full again, and you will be ready to dip and ladle out the love and generosity you’ve been brewing once more.


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